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656 Hot Sauce

We work with local family-owned farms and food co-ops to bring quality products directly to you, guaranteeing the freshest tastes of home! All our foods and beverages are from local farms within 100 miles.

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656 Hot Sauce & Tampa Hot Sauce

With a culinary career spanning 4 decades, 2 continents and some of the top dining locations in America, Chef Jose knows a thing or two about good hot sauce! Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida, Chef Jose has always shown a penchant for going above and beyond in making food an art. He believes " cooking with love" is what separates his sauces from others and because of this our sauces will always be homemade with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We use locally sourced fruits and veggies for every sauce we make!

Mexican Food
“10 degrees from El Diablo.” 

- Chef Jose-

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We thrive on building lasting relationships within the community. We strive to produce local sustainable foods while using practices that promotes a positive social impact that is based around a passion and craftsmanship.

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